Family members of Russian citizens

In view of the changes to the Federal Law “On the procedure of entering and leaving the Russian Federation” on 15th August 1996 № 114-FL effective from 12th March 2010, applications will be accepted from citizens of the Russian Federation lawfully staying in Finland, to issue visas for members of their families who are foreign nationals (spouses, children under the age of 18, incapacitated children of any age) to enable them to enter the territory of the Russian Federation accompanied by the citizen of the Russian Federation, who signed the visa request form. The applications can only be submitted for the issuance of a single entry/double entry private visa effective for up to 3 months. The minimum time for processing such applications is 5 working days.

Please note that the validity of visa will correspond to the dates specified in the invitation.

All the required documents (except of a private letter of invitation, issued by a Russian Federal Migration Service agency) must be provided as per “Private visa” section of this website.

Also the following requirements have to be met:

  • Citizen of the Russian Federation must be present in person at the time of application submission to sign the visa request form (this must be signed with presence of the Visa Centre officer). Presence of their family members is not required.
  • It is necessary to present originals or certified copies of the documents confirming kinship of applicants –- citizens of the Russian Federation with the foreign citizens specified in the application – members of their families. These documents are considered as issued by the authorized bodies of the Russian Federation or the foreign state marriage certificate (for spouses), birth/adoption certificate (for minor children), and birth/adoption certificate and the medical certificate confirming incapacity (incapacitated children of any age). Copies of the valid passport and the proof of stay in Finland on the lawful basis of applicants – the valid Finnish visa for the citizens of the Russian Federation should also be enclosed.
    • The procedure of the migration registration implies informing (notifying) a relevant territorial office of the Federal Migration Service of a foreign citizen’s arrival to the place of sojourn. We would like to remind about the responsibility of the inviting person that this must be carried out in the course of seven working days after arrival of the foreign citizen to the Russian Federation.