Who may submit your application

The foreign citizen having the complete set of documents required for application for a Russian visa, can either submit documents to one of the Russian visa application centres without prior appointment, or at the nearest consular establishment of the Russian Federation by prior appointment only. Appointments have to be booked online.

Documents required for application for the Russian visa can be submitted by :

  • The person applying for the Russian visa (applicant);
  • In case of incapacity of the applicant, including elderly, – his/her lawful representative after a presentation of the confirming documents translated into Russian or English language;
  • A member of a family of the applicant or his/her relative after a presentation of the document confirming relationship;
  • The authorized representative of the applicant after a presentation of power of attorney certified by notary;
  • The authorized representative (courier) of the travel agency which has passed accreditation at the Russian visa centre;
  • The representative of government or commercial organization having the corresponding business certificate – on behalf of the employee/s of the given organization and their family members travelling together.
  • The representative of a public organization or the educational institution, having the corresponding certificate – on behalf of the persons leaving to Russia for the purpose related to this organization/institution (the same has to be confirmed in the covering letter issue by mentioned organization).
  • Visas to members of Finnish official delegations, employees of its diplomatic and consular establishments going to Russia for work or on business trip, are issued by the Russian consular establishments on the basis of written references from Finnish government structures.

Processing time required for issuance of visa is estimated from the moment of delivery of applicants’ documents by the courier of the visa centre to the consular establishment.

The applicant bears full responsibility for completeness of documents presented for visa application, their conformity to norms of the Russian legislation, fidelity of the data declared. Failing to meet the specified requirements can lead to refusal of the visa or changes of a visa category, period of validity and number of entries you have applied for.